Susquehanna River
Chartered Fishing Guide

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Standard Rates

A Note on my rates:

All rates are based on myself and 2 clients on the boat. However I can easily take 3 clients and myself in my 21ft boat. That is my maximum and strict safety rules must be followed  to lessen the chance of catching some one getting a hook in them, I’m not a doctor and don’t want to play one.

As to the additional person, children up to the age of 11 are free, age 12 and older are charged as the additional person.

My rates:

Standard 4hr charter for up to two people the rate is $205.00

Standard 6hr charter for up to two people  the rate is $265.00

Standard 8hr charter for up to two people  the rate is $325.00

Additional person for 6 or 8hr charters is $75.00, additional person for 4hr charters is $50.00


You asked for it, I can now do it. Balance payment at the river, cash is always king, however I can take a personal check or credit card. If you use a credit card, I have to pass along the finance charge the charge me which is 3.25% right now. Like I said, cash is king.

* Note: In July and August I will gladly start any day charter as early as sun up to get in the better fishing and to beat the summer heat.

Please note: I live off my schedule book during fishing season and often have two charters a day. Your charter starts on the agreed time whether you arrive on time or not. If part of your charter time includes me waiting for you because you don’t show up on time this is not my fault, it still will end after the agreed amount of time booked previously. Thanks for understanding.

Time to give something back to my long term clients:

Starting in 2010, all my clients/friends that have fished with me for 10 years straight without a break will never have to pay anymore money for a charter than they did in 2009! There are many of you out there!

From now on ,In future years as soon as you hit your 10th straight year fishing with me without a break, you will never have to pay me any more money for a charter than you did on your 10th year.!

Please remind me when you book so I can look back 10 years in my old records to verify you were here each year. Thanks much for fishing with me for such a long tome! 

Now if you bring along an angler with less than the 10 years they still must pay their half at the going rate at that time.