Susquehanna River
Chartered Fishing Guide

Tel: 570-250-1147


Anytime between April 1st and Dec 1st. Whenever you can make it. WE WILL CATCH FISH or reschedule a free charter! (applies to adults only)

Yes, you need a current Pa. Fishing license if you are age 16 and older. You can get one on line from the Pa. Fish and Boat Commission.

Sorry, all children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to be on my boat. I will accept a permission slip from a parent for children 14 to 18yrs old.

You bet! Kids are great! And if they need any instruction on fishing I would be most happy to teach them while you fish. The youngest child I have taught to river fish was 6yrs old. My customer rods are all spinning tackle. Ladies are always welcomed on my boat. We will make special “Pit Stops” for both.

I will only fish with you if you invite me to, or if I need to find the next pattern. If the fish are not biting, I’ll need to fish to find out what will work or maybe suggest a subtle “tip” to help you catch more fish. I will NEVER, EVER fish in water before my client does! My goal is for you to catch all the fish before I even wet a line.

Sorry, hooks, bait and pets don’t mix. Can’t allow it.

Just a little. The law states that I can not drink alcohol, but my clients can. I allow my clients no more than two beers. You still have to drive home safely and sober, and I want you back.

Sure you can, anything legal that is that won’t cloud your mind by my perspective.

I have the lowest charter rates on the North Branch. Most people like to bring their own lunch. To keep my rates down, lunch is not included in my charter prices. However for $12.00/person I will provide lunch of 2 sandwiches, 2 drinks, 1 fruit, chips, and a snack per person.

Yes, I can give instructions during your charter if you wish.

Absolutely ! There is no way that I would ever push you off to an “Associate” guide just to make some extra money that day. When you book with me that’s what you get, ME! It’s unprofessional to do otherwise. If you have a large party and ask me to find another guide to help, then I will try to find one but I am not responsible for the for what happens on the other boat.